Mobile Aquarium

Looking for a fun and educational activity to do at your school or seasonal program site? Book Maui Ocean Center's Ka Holo Moana, the traveling aquarium.

This unique "critter trailer" is pulled by a pick up truck that brings an entire tide pool of salt water and an array of tide pool invertebrates to schools and events. It works best if parked on an open surface such as a basket ball court or playground field. When the trailer visits your school, your classrooms can rotate out to the trailer for a special presentation (times are adjustable).

Maui Ocean Center naturalist's will also conduct more of an in-depth educational programs with any grade level requested. In addition to the hands- on experience of touching live animals, the naturalists will give presentations on each of these invertebrates, as well as sharks and ray,
coral reefs, and any other marine science topic upon request.

The program length and age level appropriateness can also be modified
to fit classroom grades and rotation schedules.

The flat fee is $395 for a maximum of a 4 hour visit.

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Mobile Aquarium Frequently Asked Questions pdf