Event: “I Love Marine Life” Photo Contest
Description: The “I Love Marine Life” photo contest is accepting entries through Thursday, August 15, 2013. The contest is open to everyone; entries must contain a marine animal and be taken in or around Maui waters or at Maui Ocean Center. Two grand prize winners will receive an Annual Journey Pass to Maui Ocean Center and a photo eco tour with Photo Safari Hawaii. Eight finalists will receive a One-Day Journey Pass to the Maui Ocean Center. Visit www.mauioceancenter.com for contest details.
Deadline: 5:00 pm on August 15, 2013
Place: Maui Ocean Center
Cost: Free to enter


Maui Ocean Center holds marine life photo contest

Calling all ocean enthusiasts and photography hobbyists! Capture the beauty of Hawaii’s marine life in a photo and enter Maui Ocean Center’s third annual “I Love Marine Life” photo contest for the chance to win a year membership to the Maui Ocean Center and a photo eco tour with Photo Safari Hawaii. This photo contest is open to everyone. The last day to submit an entry is by 5:00pm on Thursday, August 15, 2013; winners will be announced the week of August 19 and be displayed at the Aquarium until Labor Day, September 2, 2013.

Maui Ocean Center encourages all participants to respect the marine environment and its inhabitants by keeping a safe distance from green sea turtles and other marine animals, avoid stepping on coral, and to refrain from chasing or harassing animals while photographing them.

Rules and Requirements
This contest is limited to one photograph per person which must be submitted by the original photographer. Photo entries must include a marine animal and be taken at the Maui Ocean Center or in and around Maui waters. All submissions must be 300dpi. Photos must have a label attached to the back of the photo including the entrant’s name, address, phone number and email address. Writing and copyright symbols are not allowed on the photo. Photographers will maintain full copyright of their photos.

Maui Ocean Center will not use the photos in any advertisements or collateral, however the Aquarium will post low resolution files of the winning photos on the website in order to announce the contest winners, with credit given to the photographer.  Entries may also be posted on social media sites, by Maui Ocean Center, throughout the contest for promotional purposes.

Permitted Modifications
Minor digital enhancements are permitted, but images that have been significantly modified or appear unnatural will be disqualified. The permitted modifications allowed are cropping, rotation as long as the rectangle format is maintained, resizing as long as the aspect ratio is maintained, red-eye removal and spot editing. Also permitted are the one-step enhancements offered in photo editing programs such as: “Auto Levels”, “Quick Fix”, and “AutoFix”; filters to sharpen, soften, blur, despeckle, and remove noise; the use of corrective functions to improve the natural appearance of the image such as levels, contrast, brightness, cures, intensity, tone, hue, saturation, value, color balance, and tint.

Restricted Modifications
The following enhancements are restricted: borders, frames, watermarks, signatures, copyright notices, adding or replacing elements in the image, and the use of artistic filters. Photos will be disqualified from the contest if any restricted enhancements are used on the photo.

How to Enter
The public can submit photo entries one of three ways: as a high resolution print at 4x6 inches or 5x7 inches; as a 300dpi photo file burned to a CD; or as a 300dpi digital JPEG file no larger than 2MB. Photo negatives are not accepted. Submitted prints and CDs will not be returned to their owners. Entrants are asked to send in a copy of the original; do not send in the only copy. All entries must include the original photographer’s first and last name, phone number and email address.

Mail prints and CDs to Maui Ocean Center, C/O Photo Contest, 192 Ma‘alaea Road, Wailuku, HI 96793; email photos no larger than 2MB to info@mauioceancenter.com with the email subject heading ‘Photo Contest Submission’; or drop off a print photo or CD to the Maui Ocean Center Administrative Office, also located at 192 Ma‘alaea Road in Ma‘alaea. Entries, including mailed entries, must arrive at Maui Ocean Center on or before August 15, 2013.

The “I Love Marine Life!” photo contest has two categories; Judges’ Winner, selected by a panel of judges from Maui Ocean Center, and Peoples’ Choice Winner, where guests to the Aquarium will vote on their favorite photograph to determine the winner. Photos will be displayed on the glass wall in the Aquarium’s gift shop plaza for guests to view and choose a winner via ballot. Judges decisions are final.

Contest Prizes
Maui Ocean Center will announce the winners of the contest the week of August 19 through a press release, Facebook, Twitter and the website. There will be two grand prize winners who will receive an Annual Journey Pass to the Maui Ocean Center and a photo eco tour with Photo Safari Hawaii. Eight finalists will receive a One-Day Journey Pass to Maui Ocean Center.

More details on the “I Love Marine Life!” photo contest are available online at www.mauioceancenter.com.

The mission of Maui Ocean Center is to foster understanding, wonder and respect for Hawaii’s marine life. This state-of-the-art aquarium was named “Top-Rated Attraction in Hawaii” by Zagat Survey US Family Travel Guide, “Leader In Responsible Tourism” on the Top 100 Blue List by Islands Magazine, and “Best Land Activity” in 2008, 2009, 2011 by the readers of The Maui News. Open daily from 9 to 5, and from 9 to 6 in July and August. For more information please contact the Maui Ocean Center: 192 Ma‘alaea Road; Ma‘alaea, HI 96793; telephone (808)270-7000, facsimile (808)270-7070, e-mail info@mauioceancenter.com or visit www.mauioceancenter.com.

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