Sea Talk Series
Shells of the Hawaiian Islands: The Sea Shells and The Land Shells
Presented by Mike Severns on Tuesday, January 10, 2012, 6-7pm

DECEMBER 28, 2011, MA‘ALAEA, MAUI, HI – Local biologist and author Mike Severns will speak at the next complimentary Sea Talk Series at Maui Ocean Center on Tuesday, January 10, 2012 from 6-7pm.  Drawing from his recently published book Shells of the Hawaiian Islands, Severns’ talk will include an introduction to the molluscan fauna of Hawaii, both land and marine species, along with insight as to how these species arrived to the Hawaiian Islands and the reasons they are so interesting to science.  Severns will also discuss the possibility of new species, species identification, conservation, and the ongoing conflict between land snails and man. 

Severns’ book, which is divided into two volumes; The Land Shells and The Sea Shells, is the first definitive reference on the endemic mollusks and mollusk variants of Hawaii to be published.  The book shares nearly 30 years of his research, information that has been compared against the findings of scientists from 21 countries and examined by 100 reviewers.  Included are full descriptions, color photos, and even maps detailing the terrestrial habitats of the land and marine snail species of Hawaii.

Sea Talks are held in the Open Ocean exhibit at Maui Ocean Center.  Admission is complimentary and entry is through the Aquarium’s front gates from 5:50-6:15pm.  Reservations are recommended by calling (808) 270-7088.

About the Speaker
Kihei's first dive boat operation was established in 1979 by Mike Severns, who obtained his biology degree from the University of Hawaii after three years of travel around the world.  Mike's adventurous spirit and scientific interest led to numerous discoveries both on land and underwater.  Over the years he discovered the longest underwater cave system in Hawaii, the first ancient Hawaiian fishing site and a wave bench 240 ft. underwater at Molokini from a previously lower sea level over 10,000 years ago.  His land discoveries include living tree snail populations that were thought to be extinct and lava tubes which contained the bones of over 30 previously unknown species of extinct birds.  He has coauthored and photographed several books, among them Molokini, Hawaii's Island Marine Sanctuary; Sulawesi Seas; Hawaii's Sea Shells; and Diving Hawaii and Midway.