Education Programs at Maui Ocean Center

MA'ALAEA, Maui, Hawai'i - Maui Ocean Center offers some of the best marine-related educational opportunities on Maui, including complimentary Sea Talks held once a month, school field trips, sleepovers and visits by Ka Holo Moana (the Mobile Aquarium.)

School groups from Hawaii and out-of-state alike take advantage of the lesson plans and activity sheets, which can be found on the Web at www.mauioceancenter.com).  A variety of Ocean Naturalist presentations are included with each Field Trip and optional guided tours by Ocean Naturalists are also available.

For groups that can’t make it to the Aquarium, the Aquarium can travel to them!  The Ka Holo Moana traveling tide pool gives children the chance to have hands-on experiences learning about Hawaii’s invertebrates (animals without backbones).

Sleepovers are a fun way for groups between 15 and 30 people to learn about what happens under the sea when the sun goes down.  Activities for the group are customized for the ages of attendants and include a pizza dinner, crafts and games with the focus of marine life activities, a movie, continental breakfast and maybe some sleeping!

While most of the education programs are geared around the children, complimentary Sea Talks are offered for all ages throughout the year and feature experts from marine-related fields sharing their knowledge and stories.

“Visitors come to the aquarium to see the fascinating underwater world and to experience Hawaii’s incredible diversity of marine life, but we also make sure they have more than just photographs to take home with them.  Our goal is to create a lifelong bond between people and the ocean, not only in understanding, but in ultimate appreciation,” stated Maui Ocean Center’s Education Manager.

The Maui Ocean Center is centrally located in oceanfront Ma'alaea within minutes of all major resort areas. For information please contact the Maui Ocean Center: 192 Ma'alaea Road, Ma'alaea, HI 96793;
telephone (808) 270-7085, facsimile (808) 270-7070,
email: info@mauioceancenter.com
or visit our website at: www.mauioceancenter.com